tales of Wilma ...

Tales of my sweet Wilma...
Ashley found the perfect vintage bracelet to adorn her neck.

I found her in a basement of a shop in town, Hunt & Gather.  It is a unique place where one goes with no purpose in mind... then, if you are lucky, you come home with a Wilma.

A unique treasure all for yourself.

I hope my guests think of the Barn as such a place. Some where to come for inspiration, with no purpose but to find a unique treasure for yourself or your home.

My last post, I ended with this teaser and mentioned it was coming ... my glitz table.
I just didn't realize that it would be 430 in the morning when I sat down to babble.

You know how it goes...the dog needs to go out... I didn't look at the clock.... I passed my computer... end of story.  Bathroom, brush teeth, make coffee, start typing... actually, I sat for an hour first with pen and paper sketching and making a list for the home I am staging for Christmas. Then I sat down at the computer... crap, it must have been 330-ish when I got up.

Metals. Silvers. Pearls. Glass. Wilma.

I knew when I found my pearl trees and this fun mix of metals I was on to something GOOD for this years Christmas. 
 I added the trees to the on-line shop but they wont be there for long.

The mercury glass trees came in 3 sizes... they are shorter then the typical trees I have found but really catch your eye. 

Love my glass mixture this year.... a little bit different then the average.

Love my pearls.

Happy Sunday everyone!
We received our first snow fall yesterday. 
 I'm not sure, but I think it was enough to stick around....
Eek, and so it begins...

~ L

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