Spring Fling

I am so ready for a spring fling. A shindig. A blooming get together!!!
We had a tease of warm weather, which is now gone, but folks are talking about Easter so you know spring is close.

Table - envy ! Gorgeous. Over 10 ft. Love.

My moss carrots finally arrived. I have burlap ones coming....soon I hope. But for now we celebrate with the moss ...love the moss!

moss carrot stir stick ? maybe ?

... definately as a place card holder

I love my choir planting baskets used as bowls.... love, love, love

The Spring Open House event is under way.... the weather has turned cold and nasty...Yahoo. Everyone wants to be inside at my Barn out of the cold where spring has sprung.
Wish you were here. L


Natalie Meester said...

I am finally coming to see your shop on Sunday! Yeah!

I have been following your blog for over a year and finally get the chance to come.

See you tomorrow!


Fabulously French said...

Love the moss carrots! Your displays are gorgeous.

Leeann x

Donna Reyne' said...

You have such a gift for vignette design!
Always a joy to stop by!
I love, love, love the shag moss carrots!


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