do you love owls

Me. Oh.  My!
You are going to love my little owls.

I love them so much!!!

-gingham fabric backed
-felted and button eyes
-weighted on their bottoms
-adorable bent little ears

I am trying to get them up on the online shop, but I am having trouble with the computer... well, not my computer BUT my service!!! ugh. It is going at super - slow-mo speed AND it is killing me!!!

Here are the other fellas

they have an adorable little mouse in their pocket.
Only one has book page button eyes... he came with none so I had to improvise.

If I don't get the website done this weekend... I will !!
(I will, I will, I will)

The Gingham guys come in 3 sizes
$20. $16. $12

The brown / mouse 2 sizes
$20. $16

I do lots of orders via email these days.

Count down to junk bonanza
All pricing, packing, sorting, lists, last minute props, painting...
lists, rent the truck, pot the trees, paint the walls, lists
wash the drapery and then get them dirty... they need to look worn and wrinkly
good god I need to get busy...
did I tell you I am bringing a zebra rug for one of the vignettes...
I had to have it but couldn't find one.... so I made one
OR should I say I am going to make one.... add that to the list...

Gotta run.



Susie~From My Home To Yours said...

Love your owls.....hooty hoot!

Angela said...

So cute! I love owls all over again...I had some in the 70's too.

Georgia Gibbons said...

i like the art piece behind the owls, too. can you show a better picture of that?

Sara@iSass said...

I saw these little guys last time I came in! I love the little brown one with the mouse in his pocket!

Barbara Jean said...

cute cute cute!!

barbara jean

Artsy Fartsy Junkin Finds said...

Yes Mam.... I do luv your owls! Everything looks great as always! Hugs, Janna

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