A Junk Market - market

I mentioned earlier that I would be away doing the Junk Market event.

Too Fun.
First of all it is in my favorite  ... actually, my favorite place is my old Barn. It is in my NEXT favorite place a green house. !
Everyone here is fabulous.
The vendors are SO nice and the guests are super-duper nice.

Many ran up to the Barn right after they left the green house...SO nice. ( 45 min drive)

Here are a couple quick shots of my space and then I will load more next week...

Gotta run... one more day!!



time worn interiors said...

omgoodness!your booth looks awesome!

Martha at Authentica said...

Lori! Beautiful as always! If I was that close, I'd drive up to the barn too! So inspiring! Good Luck with both! Happy Spring - almost!

Martha P

JoAnn SweetPepperRose said...

looking good there! Is that a repurposed candle jar that is housing spring flower bulbs? great idea!
I'm sure y'all do great!

MEM said...

the Ellendale farm equipment sign would be perfect in my shop in Fergus Falls!!!! We have lots of guys buying cool stuff like that for man caves......

Layer it on. Change it up.

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