Good morning.  
It is such a beautiful day here in Minnesota 

Finally, I feel like summer has arrived. 

Outside at my place. 
The vine from the back fence is finally coming around to the front. It is filling in quite nicely if you ask me. I was outside yesterday doing some weeding.. .. that's what happens when you get a month of rain. WEEDs! !! 

Anyway, I looked up and thought I need to photograph that corner and share with my blog friends.  

Lots happening this week 

Inspection on my son's new house.. .. fingers crossed. mean's he is moving out! 
Summer evening painting class at the Barn. 

Leaving for Atlanta on a buying trip. 

Stay tuned. ..
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It will be easier to post while I am hunting and picking. 

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Bohemian said...

I once saw a sign that said Weeds were just Flowers growing in the wrong places. Since Weeds grow so well under any conditions I Confess to helping some of the prettier ones along rather than banishing them from our Gardens... especially during the brutal Summer Months when everything is under duress except Weeds... they are remarkably resilient under any conditions aren't they? *LOL* I am such a sucker for Vines that even the ones that I'm not supposed to cultivate I can't help but leave be and let them grow wildly and with complete abandon... nothing looks better than something covered in Vines! It gives such a Secret Garden look and Lovely Benign Neglect.

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