The smell of a Crisp Apple

No flame needed.
Open the bag... dump in the fresh dried gatherings...
And smell the goodness of Apples.

As I've mentioned before... I continue to layer and enhance everything. I just can't help myself. Most things look great with layer 1 and 2, but my mind keeps going and soon I have layer 5 and 6 going on and then ...'s over the top. Often too much for most ....
Stop me now.... lets get back on track.
As I was saying, I often enhance my bowl of freshness...

The bag of goodies has a lot going on, but to me a little extra vintage flare is needed.

Add some hardware or those ever-present wine corks that you have gathering...

There... a finished look.

It starts with a bag like this...

At my Barn, you will find the bags of dried apples here.

along with my favorite coffee cups and funky dishcloths

Spring is coming... Even tho. it is -20 degrees outside.
Which means it is around 58 degrees inside the Barn these days...
If you keep moving it's not bad, but I definitely wear layers and layers of clothes.
AND keep saying Spring is coming.

There you go...dump it out and add whatever you can find for your own enhancements.

If it smells like spring, it must be close by.

Stay Warm.


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