Crossbody Bag hits the streets

Have I told you I love black & white stripes and polka dots.

I do! 
I love black & white stripes and polka dots AND when you pair them together you get a Lori Miller bag all mashed up together.

The tote bags went over well and we are still in production with them, but we heard over and over that a crossbody bag was what everyone wanted.

So here we go 
hello darlin
the Cow is by far the most liked.

All of the bags have a large tablet sized pocket inside and are fully lined.

My farmhouse Sheep is adorable!!
The Crossbody bags are 14"x 13"x 3"
The strap is close to 22"

Did I tell you I love polka dots!


All bags shipped for free in November in the US

Thank you for stopping and supporting local businesses and artists


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