vogue \vog\ n 1: popular acceptance or favor

Vogue. Vogue. Vogue.
Every once in a while things just fall into place. This is that one time.
This vignette. These pictures. I Love them. My Favorite in a while... i think it is the new camera, I haven't tamed its wild spirit yet, aah... but maybe I have...

I brought in this black mantel from my house.
Oh yeah, I also have a need for change at home just like everyone else. So here it comes, into the store, to find a new home... but look at all the fun it has transformed into my tired Little corner at the Barn.

some vintage. some garden. some oh-la-la

1 scarf is simply not enough when you are in the Vogue vignette....

love my designer dolly

are you not drooling

can you feel the love my camera is now showing me...

go find something special that makes you feel loved and create your own piece of "vogue"
lm ~ signing out


Gail said...

How beautiful! Love everything about your vignette. It left me speechless.

Donatella said...

You have some cool stuff! How beautiful you've put things together. Will stop by often~

The Smith Hotel said...

Wow!!! Very pretty! Wish I lived closer!!! I may have to borrow that idea of the old pages and candles.

Thanks for sharing,

Ticking and Toile said...

looks gorgeous. Yes, your camera is showing you much love!! All the pics are just great!


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