dreaming garden chic ~ Barn style

Here in Minnesota we are dreaming of warmer weather and green sprouts. Especially this winter, it has snowed almost every day.  So at my barn it is toasty warm and things are sprouting!! 

Slowly I am turning the vignettes over for fresh new and exciting looks. I try and plan to receive some new product the first part of January for those of you who take down Christmas and want a fresh look for your space at home. 

Garden is big with me any time of the year.  Garden items Indoors is super fun, especially this time of the year. This dusty blue color is hot again for spring and of course burlap and natural fiber accent pillows are still over the top.  Market was saturated with it, which is good, I guess, because I still love it.

Market baskets from Europe

Le woof

love the mix of elements in this shot

this one makes me smile

throw on your Uggs and scarf and come dream of spring here at the barn...

Ashley, getting ready to leave for the day.... sometimes she walks home from the Barn...5-6 blocks Brrrrr
crazy girl

love. love. love.

I hope you enjoyed my vision of what's to come.... warmth and growth.

For now....Jd'Arc - issues still available.
Minneapolis Market is this weekend... oh boy, how do I find time for that???
75% off Christmas will be gone at the end of the day.
single digit and -zero degree days to come...Eeek
it's a good time to come see me. ~ L


Nordic Girl said...

I love coming to the, "Barn", just to look at all the neat things you have in there. I could spend all day there some days! Especially on a cold Minnesota day like today!

Glamorous Girl Gone Goofy said...

Wow, this is pure
magical delish! If
I could actually
be THERE...I think
my eyeballs would
pass out, ha! This
is a shop to share
with my sister. We
would be screaming
like school girls.
Thank you for
posting this
May your passion
give you abundance!


www.MaisonStGermain.com said...

Each phots is just better than the last. So much fun stuff to look at and wish I was there to take it home with me. You have such a great way with display. Stay warm. We here in CT are expecting even more snow on Friday!
~Debra xxx
Capers of the vintage vixens

Christine said...

Cannot wait to see you and the shop this weekend!!! Look out MN, the MI girls are on their way to the BIG city!

Gracie's Cottage said...

Looks so cozy...I want to come in out of the cold and shop there!


Junk Girl said...

I see a million things I would love in my home. Sigh.


Chrissy said...

Wow, I wish I lived closer, but PA is a little trek :) Although, it is probably a good thing for my wallet. I just love your european accents and those crystal/glass lights.
I just love to visit for inspiration.

Faded Charm said...

I love everything....can't wait to see all your new goodies.

Stay warm!


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