love this color

I love LoVe LOVE this color.

These pears are so FUN... I want them to march down the center of my table in the kitchen.  Nothing else, just the pears.... I have been waiting since January for them to arrive.  We also have bud vases and votive holders in this color
.... but the pears!!!

I finally made it out of town on a Junkin trip.

It was so much fun! 

Now all I need is some sunshine.

Check out the fun chest.
I think it would make a perfect bedside table...

Look at the top is a rusty old pan... Love it!
The whole thing is rough which makes it absolutely beautiful.

I don't part with the baby shoes very often...
this is it... one pair... while they last.

I have to show you this fun vintage stool / planter...

my friend, Jane, planted the top.
 The Ivy smells so good.
so fresh.
so Spring.
I had to have it ...

sad eyes because we just got 8" more inches of snow.
Ugh!!! !!! !!!
But don't you love him.

Think Spring.

See you soon. L


Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

Love the stool with ivy and that sweet little pup. Yikes! Snow ... we are in the high 80's around here; already heading straight into summer and it will only get hotter. Hope things start to warm up in your corner of the world. Best wishes, Tammy

Sandi~A Cottage Muse said...

I just love looking at your wonderful displays and always leave inspired!!

lori miller vintage design co said...


Anonymous said...

What is the price on the Pear Linda? Isn't THAT beautiful!!!!???? I have a passion for pears and my living room is black/tan/gold/pear green.

I SO want to come to your place next month for the fair....sigh.

We had snow this morning, too. And wind like it won't quit!


whimages said...

I ADORE everything! I'd soooo love to shop there. I'm totally in love with those round industrial baskets! AWESOME! New follower

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