more metal flowers

Still behind here with the damn weather.
Actually, with the sun shining the last 3 days I can't complain.
I can do anything with a smile as long as the sun is shining.
We have almost reached 40 degrees.
Maybe today.

I want to show you these awesome metal flowers and some artist made pillows.
The dog above.... I had to have one!

I want to stamp hi or welcome in his center

too fun.... wouldn't it be great on your front door!
mine too !!

when you enter the Barn it is the first thing you see

my befriend a flock canvas fits right in...

these are all stitched and as soft as can be

love this one.

new... well reclaimed cabinet just in

my lamp...yes, she is going home with me.

my lady.
she makes her presence known in my boudoir area

my book collection is growing

April is soon on its way.
I am thinking warm thoughts and praying for 60 degrees.

We are having a spring Junk Festival mid-April
AND I need to want to have things outdoors.
With the flower boxes decorated.
with plants growing.....

think spring!

Junk Festival
April 14 - 16
3 days only
 - no Fees.... just bring your Junkin' spirit and your girl friends


lilybets said...

Yesterday I went beach,there were people doing the bath....not me,I was too cold !!!.Your shop is getting rich and rich day by day !.

Unknown said...

I LOVE those dog pillows! They are the bomb! 8>) said...

LOVE your shop. You have the coolest things. Those flowers and pillows are awesome!!!!!!! I am keeping my fingers and toes crossed for some warm weather too. I need Spring and some sun!!!!
~Debra xxx
Capers of the vintage vixens

Anonymous said...

those flowers make me how about the word "smile" on's Cabin follows your blog.

suzeeez said...

I love those pillows, they are adorable ! :o) Sue

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