Back at the Barn

I thought maybe you needed a little Barn time.

My last few posts have been away from the Barn. I have been there playing.... let me show you some fun goodies.

I recently went to market to order some Christmas product and guess who's displays have large birch trees arranged just so... I guess even the big designers look at AND seek inspiration from the little guy...
what would they do without our blogs...

I love the colors here
black and white with explosions of greens and greys

fun zinc pots

get ready to mark all of your herbs

I don't want to forget to mention the May issue of Jeanne d'Arc Living is available online.

all photos property of Lori Miller and the Round Barn Potting Company

This week actually the rest of April
ALL tote bags, purses AND scarves 30 % off.

Finally, some sunshine and warmth after days of cold, wind and rain (and snow)

Makes me Smile!!

~ L


Unknown said...

Love the looks of everything, of course...
I had a tree of birch branches in my log home years back, had to remove it after a few years, very hard to dust..
Love all of the outdoor and nature looks.
Thanks for sharing the barn.

ranch barbie said...

How much are your Santos???from this post and your last..Thank you..

ranch barbie said...
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