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Think Green everyone... the snow is melting !

Yippee. the snow is almost gone.
We are planting and making things look like a green house
inside at the Barn.

Also, just in... fun - funky card sets...
Send a card.
 Brighten someone's day!

Above - Boxed set comes in a funky tin box.
Photos from Atlanta Bartlett's book Pale and Interesting.
4 designs / 20 cards with envelopes/ $14.95

Below - Boxed set vintage collections
photos from Hans Blomquist's Book The Natural Home.
4 designs / 20 cards with envelopes/ $14.95

original Art by Lori Miller
4 x 6 postcards
sold separately or in a set of 4 as shown below

good to frame, send to friend or use as invitations

individual  4 x 6 $3.95
5 x 7 $5.95

also available by special order canvas art
multiple sizes...

you can check out at Junk Bonanza or at the Barn

Below boxed set of 20 different images w/ envelopes.
From the book Paris in Color
(book also available)

Below - shoegazing notecards
20 different images w/ envelopes

for those of us with a shoe fetish

Loads of fun.... gotta run !

Easter was SO early this year... Lots of product left
Now at 50% off.... 
 good for you if you can grab some =).

Lori - RBPCo.

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mitchiesmom said...

Hello Lovely Lori!!! I am so excited - just purchased some new note cards and a book on-line!!! As usual - can't wait to get them!! Thanks so much - they all look amazing!!! I wanted them all!!

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