Road trip Preparation

It's time for a road trip. 
Not a buying trip...which is always a blast.
BUT a selling trip ! 
A pop up show

... you guessed it... it is time for Junk Bonanza.
Once a year, I go to Junk bonanza and schlep my goods.
I rent a double space and try to put on a show.

This event is not a flea market, where tables are spread with dusty finds. This type of Venue is filled with talented artisans who like to set up their space, to sell their collections of vintage wares, with a little flair.

I, myself, like to show off and put on a show. I love when I hear gasps of approval. The next two days, I have to pack and select goods that will go with my theme... what no one else will have... AND what will sell.

(front entry at the Barn...the sun is coming in ! Fabulous)

I have had a long week and weekend working at the hospital... a couple emergency surgeries have put me behind schedule... so today, and tomorrow, I will have to recruit my faithful assistant, Kate, and rondo through a few projects....

I love this pillow with the numbered cups.
How cute for the corner kitchen chair...
I have 2 of them in stock ( they are discontinued) unfortunately, I wont be bringing them to JB because everything is supposed to be 40 years old or greater.

which isn't a problem for me...I have tons of fabulous vintage finds that are one-of-a-kinds !!!

When I first started doing this show, I did everything myself....Too much work !!
Too much schlepping!!
The last few years I have recruited friends to share the space with me, which means I don't have to drag so much product, and running the booth for 3 days is divided.
More shopping time for me !!

This year my friend Linda Strand is sharing the duty.
She is a glorified - certified Miss Mustard seed Milk Paint instructor, along with myself.
She has saved 10 of her best pieces of furniture for the booth.
(she might even have reserve - back up stock for Friday and Saturday)

She also has some smalls that are out of this world!!

Our booth will have a French - UK mix 
with the underlying theme of Vogue - because that is what I do.

I hope you can make it to junk bonanza this week. 
If you do, stop by the ..RBPCo.'s booth and say Hi to Linda and myself

If the crowds are too much for you the barn is open and over stocked for Spring.

I will try and post pictures of setup and the crazy-ness.

See you soon.

I'm off to pack and paint !!

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