Prim & Proper in mustard seed yellow

Every once in a while I make it to Market to do my buying for the shop.
I say every once in a while, because my full time - day job often gets in the way of travel.

However, once in while, I make it AND find something that makes my heart sing.

That is my goal... to find one or two things that are not just filler... something that stands out... something that makes me go GA-GA when I see the line...

This line is one of those !!

I had a GA-GA moment.

the look, the feel, the colors !!

I love this rich mustard yellow... and the cute polka dots... and the bows ...and the linen !
 Are you kidding me ! 

the tea towels are the softest Linen.
The bags are travel bags. 

I am one that loves to display at home ... imagine that... when i bought these two bags I couldn't just put them in the closet and wait to go on a trip... oh NO.

My small bag sits on the bedside table and holds some hidden Kleenex. In case I need one at night ... this also gets rid of that awful box.... right. 
  The larger bag, I stuffed full and square and display it on my bed as a pillow along with my other throw pillows.

SO Cute.

It also helps that my colors in my bedroom are Gray and a soft mustard yellow. 

These side plates... So fun with the whimsical polka dots... hand thrown by our local Potter, Miss Kate 

Last day of our SALE !!

Come in and see what will brighten your day.
If you need a project... We are stocked full of Miss Mustard Seed's Milk Paint !!

Paint something Yellow and put a smile on your face !!

who loves a rainy day .... We do at the Barn !!

See you soon.

Lori - RBPCo.

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