The Barn sits back off the road a bit and there are trees that are forever getting bigger.
So I am forever trying to add things to catch your eye as you drive by.
(it is crazy for me to think I have been doing this almost 9 years now !)

The words VINTAGE and JUNK are my newest "eye catchers."

I was tired of searching for the perfect letter or sign so I just free-handed my own sign one Sunday afternoon. I like the combination and I hope the word Vintage and or Junk will bring newbies into the shop.

The road is still on the other side of a small pond, but this is the view in between the trees.

It would be enough to catch my eye anyway...
The goal is to have someone notice and pass it on to friend's..."have you been in that old Barn on Bunker Lake Blvd... it is full of Vintage find's... we should go."  

The Goal... get people talking... Get people stopping.

So spread the word and we'll see you all soon.

I'm getting excited about some family time over Easter weekend.

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