Old Parts

Remember when you could find old hardware at every sale you went to. 

Bowls and bowls full of knobs...metal, painted and chippy and glass knobs overflowing. Those were the days !! Now you have to search high and low for the old hardware and then when you find it - It is over the top Expensive. Most are worth the price if it is the finishing touch for your project, but for me, trying to by for the shop - No Good. 

So when you see some at the Barn, just know that I am displaying it proudly because I only have a few precious pieces. And if you are the lucky one that purchases it - know that it has only been marked up a few bucks and it is hard for me to let it go.  Now - on the other hand, if you are reading this, and you have an old box of parts and knobs laying around - I would love to take it off your hands !! Just give me a call !! We will be friends forever 

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