Store Closing


Yes, the rumors are true. 
Many of you have been coming in the last few days with sad faces, having heard the news from friends or family. Or you have heard me talking with someone and heard the "Nooooooooooooo" come from our discrete corner. 

I do think it is sad and upsetting news for those of you who love my Barn as much as I do. It was a hard decision for me to make .... last year.... it took me over a year to let go. To not say "mine, mine, mine....this is mine"....this is created by me.... and on and on. I can now let go, and I can actually say....out loud even....that I feel good about my decision. 


AS you all know, Beside running my fabulous Barn, I have continued to work my full-time job as a Cardiac Nurse Clinician. I work with two fabulous Cardiac Surgeons... I operate with them, I do rounds in the ICU and step down units, pre-op teaching, post-op teaching and discharges, see patients in clinic and help manage the office.
 Yes !! Busy!! 
I have done this position with them for many years and I will continue to do this. 

I also have a greeting card line and create canvas art and other signage as Lori Miller Vintage Design. I will continue to work on expanding this as a side business.

In addition, I have a family and home and gardens and friends that need me to be present.  Last, but Never Least - I have me....and I need some quality "ME Time" every once in a while.

Owning and being apart of the Round Barn has been a Grand time and I have personally met all of my goals.
My first goal was to have the courage to start a business in the first place... I am a nurse for God's sake...what did I know about running a business. The only thing I knew at the start, was to fill my shop with things I loved, and hope like hell, that everyone who came through the doors loved them as well. 
Goal met - check mark.

Second, I wanted to make the RBPCo. a destination shop. By creating my blog and getting my look out in blog world, I have done just that. I still can not believe how popular the Barn is throughout the States and over in Europe, Australia and Canada. Just over the last few days, I have had several different customers in from California, Louisiana, South Carolina and our neighbor Wisconsin. Some that fly, buy small items to fit in their bags, others, buy big and ship their goods home. Either way I am fascinated with how far they travel to come experience the RBPCo.
Goal met - check mark.

My third goal, and I must say was met and reinforced daily because of all of you. The praise and love that has been passed on to me by everyone who has ventured into the barn has been more then I could ever have dreamed possible. I truly appreciate each and every one of you and it has been my privilege owning this funky venue and becoming a small part of your lives.
Goal met - check mark.

Now, enjoy these pictures. I took a stroll through the Barn the other day with all of you in mind... 
at the end I will fill you in on the SALE


Vintage Candy Display piece !!!!

Oh how I love my Chuckles !!!!

For now, I will be keeping the website, the Blog and the Facebook page.  Who knows what will pop-up down the road, but whatever happens, I will keep you posted.

the website online shop will be temp " out of stock" while the madness at the Barn takes place

... before I forget, I want to thank my lovely staff again...
Darlene, Ashley, Marilee ( Ms. M ), Cheryl and Kate
my Barn-Girls.

Could not have done it without you !!
I hope you have all had as much fun "playing" at the Barn as I have.

Look for every item in the Barn to be on Sale....YES even my fabulous Props that have never seen a price tag before.....

NO CHECKS TAKEN DURING THE SALE. Cash and credit cards only

The month of May we will have regular hours and all items are 30% off.
(If you want to shop stress free - before the madness )
Starting in June we will be open every Thur - Fr - Sat only.
We will start on June 4th with a 50% off discount store wide.

10 - 5 pm
Sale dates
June 4 - 6th
June 11 - 13th
June 18 - 20th
June 25 - 27

Watch the blog and Facebook for the latest news on the sale and possibly future Markets in July.
We will start with 50% and work our way up if anything is left.

See you soon. Thank You and Please tell your friends !!
Lori ~ RBPCo.

4 comments: said...

Good luck to you Lori. I will miss your lovely posts of your shop and hope you will keep blogging. You have been such an inspiration to so many and to myself as a shop owner too. Good for you for making such a hard decision and knowing that you need to take care of yourself too. Having two or more jobs at one time is not easy, I did it too. Owning ones own company takes time that no one else sees. I wish you lots of success for your future adventures and hope you enjoy a bit of "me" time. Everything will work out great for you:)
~Debra xxx
Capers of the vintage vixens

Lavender Blue said...

Dearest Lori…even tho we have not met…I feel a kindred spirit between us…I did the exact same thing about 6 years ago, and really enjoyed "my" time…but after a little break, I reopened Lavender Blue and have learned to still take time for me…Happy ventures to you and thank you for sharing all of your loveliness…Mary Livingston

Grandma Jones Antiques said...

Best wishes to you! What will happen to the barn???????????

PamKittyMorning said...

I loved going to your shop when I was in Minnesota, glad we made it one last time, last week, I would have been sad to miss my chance. Good luck with your future ventures. Thanks for all the fun at Round Barn.

Pam in CA

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