Monday, October 19, 2015

set the table - cheers

It's always fun to present something grand for friends and family.
The other day it proved to be A beautiful day for a gathering.

It is always a bonus when you can use your outdoor space, in the Fall, for a get together.   With the closing of my brick and mortar space, I started to realize how much time I had spent with some very special women. It also made me think about how much I missed them, now that I didn't see them on a daily / weekly basis.
(...for the past 8.5 years !!!)

So the invites went out.
Please come for some wine and cheer.
...and the table was set.

It was a simple gathering.

I started the table set up with Glassware.
How fun it was to see the sparkle of the glass in the sunlight.
I mixed all different sizes and shapes to keep things interesting.

I am not one that has ever felt like things have to match - no rules with decorating - is my only rule. If you like it, if it makes you smile, then it is perfect. 

I love the black strands of beads... so fun to just throw them loosely on the table.
For some Fall touches I used mini Terra-cotta pumpkins and a single large skeleton.

For my ever present - in every setting - Vintage touches, I gathered my stash of silver salt and pepper shakers....all sizes, all different degrees of tarnish - ALL fabulous.

Also, vintage funky silver - housed in a fun vintage carrier.

Add a few touches with small chalk board signage... and desert before dinner... why not.

Gather around.

the menu

The side table.
It is ever helpful to have some extra serving room.
I left all the fall leaves that had fallen from the trees in place, along with the mini pots. 
Why not let nature set the stage.

Baby Jaxon, ( 18 months now) left out one little lizard by the I incorporated it into the decor. A perfect touch with a little of my decorating whimsy.

We ate, drank and enjoyed the beautiful Fall day. The best thing was the laughter, the smiles and the promises to do it again soon.

It was fun posting about something other then the Barn close down. So I hope you enjoyed my little bit of table decor.  I will share more soon.  
In the mean time, many ask over and over again, what am I doing with my free time.  I really have to tell you, I don't feel like I have any free time. Between the Hospital, my home and family And those two special Grand time is consumed. I have also begun to spend more time with clients, as a one-on-one consulting. Some is spent with decor and Event styling clients and some with gals (and Guys) that want help with achieving their dream, of opening a shop of their own. 

I really do think that Those that seek help with the unknown, with those that are in the know...are so far ahead of the game to start with. - I'm just sayin' 

talk soon
Lori ~ RBPCo.

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