Coordinate your look

It's getting closer.
That time of year ... time to design the annual Christmas card.
I have always enjoyed designing my Barn greeting cards, this year I did the card for our office. 
Team Cardiac Surgery.

First, I gathered a few props.... tools we use during surgery on a daily basis.

Next, some props for the season... some pine and some cones - good and simple ...and then find a good background. 

Play around a bit ...
tuck one here - one there...then rearrange 20 more times.
Many, many photos later.
Review and pick your favorite.

this is the one I decided on

black & white added a tiny bit of natural charm

There you have it - the perfect match.

One project done.
Now on to the many others I have lined up this week.

The weather here has been so unexpectedly warm and uneventful.... normally we are buried in snow by now...actually the grass is as green as can be, and some of my plants have started re-sprouting. 
All GOOD for me - because I hate doing the outside decorating when it is freezing.

Get your lists going....
Thanksgiving is right around the corner.

Lori ~ RBPCo.

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