CrEAte a MooD

Welcome.....Trying to Create a mood that is unique to your ever-changing style. Some find this task easy, others struggle with this impossible task. Some change seasonally, as I do, others have had the same picture, on the same wall, since they moved into their home 20 - some years ago.This fall, whether you are entertaining or just need to freshen your space, you will be inspired after touring the beautiful vignettes here at the Barn. It's all in the details Baby........

Tarnished favorite....sorry, not for sale....I can't part with them.

Whites, greens, coppers.....old, new......don't be afraid to mix it up.

Birch logs, feathers, twigs....the perfect Fall accents.

Rusty pineapple....great for outdoors.....or table top.

lady Amythist Feathers.....the real, loVe, LoVE !
The Minneapolis sign, metal, rare....wont last long

Round Barn Potting Co. Calendar of Events

Christmas Preview - Saturday, Nov. 8th
Holiday Open House - Saturday, Nov. 15th
Home Tour - Saturday, Nov. 22nd

Refreshments served at all events...I need you to keep your creative juices flowing!
Please bring a friend, a neighbor, your mother, your sister and/or your daughter. Plan on a few hours, the entire Barn will be transformed into a winter wonderland. You will be inspired from the moment you step out of your car and start your adventure up my sidewalk. As my guest, at these events, I will personally help you re-create your tree, mantel, table top or help you find that perfect gift. Call for details.....763.427.5321....thanks for stopping. L


Bonita Rose said...

Lori I apologize for the long comment. I couldn't find an email address for you -- see below,
I've just published my first ever Photography Book here on Blurb,
You can view a book preview above. Your unique store is featured in its pages!
My husband and I recently moved to Fargo from the Anoka area, I used to be one of your best customers!

I wanted to let you know that you can order your very own copy at the bookstore site above on the Blurb website.
The book is available in three different covers!

I wanted you to know your store is featured on pages 38 and 39.

If by chance, you would like to sell this beautiful book of Photography in your store, please let me know.. I can offer you the following discounts below, depending on the book quanitity you order. After you purchase the books from me, you are welcome to leave the pricing as is, or add to the pricing as you see fit!

(Single order of same book) Discount
10 - 199 10%
200 - 400 15%

I'd love your support, and let's face it.. my book heavily promotes your store there in Andover!
It would be a great addition to the book section of your shoppe!

Let me know if you would like to purchase some - 10 copies or more - and I will order them for you in order for you upon payment, to get the discount pricing! If you're just ordering less than 10 copies, you can order them yourself at the site above!

I can't wait to hear from you,


Bonnie Rose
my email is

Anonymous said...

Hi there, I grew up in Anoka , Minnesota, I gather from the previous comment that you must be within driving distance. I'm going to add you to my Blog List so I can keep up with what is happening in Minnesota. Sue

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