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One week of solid - 18 hours a day frenzied frenzy! Buying greens, rearranging furniture, hauling in trees...and then hauling in more trees, dragging in urns and statuary from the back gardens and then finally after cleaning again it is time to start decorating. Saturday afternoon guests started arriving at 12:30 sharp and I finished the last vignette at 12: 24pm.....whew, plenty of time to spare, I even had time to open the wine before the first guests walked in. Overall, it was an enormous task to take on and accomplish - not to mention what I put my family through in one week, but after listening to all the praise and the appreciation everyone showed for opening my home, it was all worth it. Some stayed for just a few minutes but many enjoyed the experience and stayed for over an hour....awesome! Many of you took pictures so you could remember and try to recreate the look at home....a great compliment but for those of you who forgot your camera or missed the tour this year here are some pics. Not all of the goodies shown are available at the store, remember I have also collected Christmas finds for years, however, I have featured the Barns product throughout the house - most selling fast at the store...... My theme this year is Snow and Ice, my colors are Black and White with a hint of Red in each vignette, my Christmas tree is Junk filled - showcasing my wheels, door plates, clocks and all kinds of vintage finds. I also incorporate all things that I collect....clocks, white dishware, candle sticks, empty frames and vintage lamp shades....and of course birch....birch....and more birch....can't get enough!!


My little Wilbur's welcome you

Living room.....

coffee table... vintage wash tube stand

wall of birch draping the ceiling...
vintage lamp shades with silverware.....

ooh - la - la

Gretchen, Sue Whitney Junk Market Style, myself and Carolyn


Simple table.....a bowl of balls, fresh greens, a hint of red

Cocktails, anyone?

my tree of junk

no time for gifts under the tree....fill old tool boxes and gather your old scales

the sign says it all

guest bath.....
can't find the perfect garland......print what you want it to say on your computer, cut out the words and hang.... waa - la!
note the cute red door knob
whimsical and fun.....

I couldn't erase the love notes from my boys


old screen....perfect for hanging my jewelry

This year the store featured two homes for my Holiday Home Tour. My friend, Lanette Lorsung, volunteered to add her home to the tour. You can check out pictures of Lanette's house that are posted on her blog cottageelements.blogspot.com . I hope you have enjoyed my blog tour and that you are inspired to create your own beautiful space filled with Christmas splendor ...... thanks for stopping.....L


Kari from Meadowview Farm said...

Just beautiful - thank so much for all your inspiration...loved all the ideas. Now, if I would have been on the tour - I am afraid you might have had to escort me out... I would be looking at every detail over & over & over.

lori miller vintage design co said...

Thanks Kari,
Many were here for quiet some time, enjoying the decor and the wine and snacks....It was great fun. Wish you could have been here.

LuLu said...

I enjoyed your home tour with my warm cup of tea. Just wonderful. I could sit for hours and look at every picture over and over. Bliss!

Debra Hall said...

Thank you so much for coming to visit and leaving a post! Blogistan is so big, I may have never found you. Really enjoyed the tour pics ...you really have a wonderful flair! I'll be back...

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