HoliDaY MaGic

Things are still not slowing down here at the Barn, the place is truly magical. The colors, the product, both new and old, flow from one vignette to another, and you feel like you have been transformed......pixie dust is all around. The crowds keep coming, bless your hearts... we have twice as many guests then the years before - thank you God! many travel great distances. My new friends Chris, Amy, Lori, and Lisa drove over from Hancock Michigan!!!! I am so glad I was in the store to greet them when they arrived (we were closed). The energy and excitement they displayed the 3 hours while they shopped had me on a High for days......I'm still talking about you guys! Too bad I did not have my camera on me. The fun never ends!!! I will quick post some pics of some new product, but its going to be short this week because I need every spare minute to prepare my home for our Holiday Home Tour. The tour is this Saturday.....yikes....start the coffee! What have I gotten my self into.
don't have a spare chandelier to hang your icicles.....try a couple of bike wheels....sorry these beauties have already sold.

hang your tarnished silver with your icicles

new signs.....metal....they don't last long

I am a sucker for any kind of art that has, love, Love

...and then we have the pots....too die for....many new arrivals every week

Thanks for stopping...L


mysecondchildhood said...

We also had a wonderful time! The girls and I cannot thank you enough for opening the shop for us!!! Were we really there for 3 hours? It seemed like 30 minutes. Your shop is absolutely fantastic and we will definitely be back...except on a Monday! ;-)
Happy Holidays and Think Snow!

ps...I love my "knockers"!

Lanette of Cottage Elements said...

Lori, the Barn looks great! Can't believe it's already that time of year! I'll have to do something on my blog about it after the Home Tour. I'm pulling my hair out trying to get everything done. So why am I blogging???


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