New Year / New Cheer

Good Cheer for the New Year
The last week of 2008 .... it's hard to imagine that another year has passed so quickly. As you all know, I am a list maker, I started my morning with my beloved cup of java, grabbed a piece of paper and pen and created the list of all lists. My first intention was to get me through the week ... Holy Cats, I'll be busy until March! If you are a list maker you know what I did next.... I started a new list! The new list is my goals for today and whatever lingers for next week. You see, it's not just making the list ... it is the need to cross things off as you accomplish the tasks.... the true glory of the list.

I am fortunate because I get to make another list for the shop ... my LOVE. This week we will be wrapping up our 50% off sale on all Christmas. Condensing, cleaning, re-vignetting ... if that is even a word and then there is inventory. The true sign of year end.

I want to take this opportunity to thank each and everyone of my customers - my friends - who have supported this dream for the past two years. 2008 was a landmark year for the Round Barn Potting Company and I thank You for being a part of my vision ....

1. Plan an outing at the Round Barn Potting Co.
2. Re-Create your space for Winter
3. End the year surrounded by loved ones
4. Celebrate the start of the new year - 2009
5. drink responsibly
6. Eat in excess

Good humor ... for us in Minnesota, street drinking is not a problem.... it is too darn Cold.

Be Safe!

Our NEW hours start this week

Tue - Sat 10-5pm

Sunday 12-4pm

Closed Mondays


Kari from Meadowview Farm said...

Hi Lori:
I totally "get" the importance of LISTS -- and especially enjoy making computer renditions with the check off squares (now my family & staff may have a much different view of my list expertise, mind you...).
Anyway - I also wanted to say - you have a really wonderful ability not only to gather & display ------ but to capture the moment in photos and words. Your blog is most definitely on the top of "MY FAVORTIE BLOG LIST"!!
Happy 2009!!

Kari from Meadowview Farm said...

Oops - the teacher in me must correct... should read "FAVORITE" below! Now don't even get me started on red Pilot pens! assistant relishes my editing - not to mention lists I give to her!

Anonymous said...

Loved the photo of the glasses - thought it was actually icesicles! Must be because it's MINUS 10 DEGREES here....Argh! I think I'll hunker down and do a few lists of my own... let's see, 1)huddle by fireplace, 2) drink hot toddies, 3) make soup, 4)find sweater.... 5) hibernate until this cold snap is over!

Happy New Year from Eileen and the Beautiful Starry Girl ~

lori miller vintage design co said...

Favorite Blogs ... Oh My! I think I love you! Have you started the holiday cheer early?
Thank you,

lori miller vintage design co said...

Anchorage, Alaska.... wow-wey ka-sowey. Thanks for the comment, I'm with you on your list was minus ten degrees here this morning also. Burr...rabbit! Keep Starry Girl warm....she looks like she has a double fur coat on :0)

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