Rest and Relaxation

Rest and that the store is ready for the open house tomorrow morning, I can finally think about a little r & r. The new product is out, the tables are fresh and the flowers are blooming. Best of all we are full to the rafters with fresh vintage Junk... well, not so fresh on some of the things, but it is all in the eye of the beholder. I see beauty in all things vintage...mix in a little dirt and a bloom here and there and you have got it goin' on.

Burlap by the could we be so lucky

love my new flower box (drawer) filled with fresh lavender.

my new... yet not so new, serving tray of goods

a flock ... or maybe it's a cluster of vintage door knobs

a great's actually the top half of an old door

white on white

fun new numbered sticks

more fresh lavender


thanks for stopping by....L


Junk Girl said...

See you the first weekend of April! Your place looks fab! Andrea

Anonymous said...

You have such wonderful items. I bet the store looked did in the pics. Hope you Open House was a great success. Wish Texas wasn't so far!

Anonymous said...

Hi Lori, thanks for visiting our blog. I responded to your ? there, but thought you might not go back to the comments and see it. Those 2 pics are both from private homes so I'll have to settle for looking for something similar. :) Who knows maybe we'll find one some day! (that's affordable)

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