Can it be...

Oh my gosh, can it be Father's day already? How do the days pass so quickly. I guess time truly does fly when you are having fun. The month of June starts my third year of owning the Round Barn Potting Company. The world of retail is one crazy business. Stressful? Yes, only because of the economy and sales are down a little from the previous years. I've been told I need to get cheaper items and carry less inventory...Ugh! I can't do it! That is not who I am. I can't lower my standards and frankly, as my friends and customers, I don't think you would appreciate it. How can we decorate our space with crap...the answer, we can't. So I'll keep on doing what I do and you keep coming to see me, and we'll all have fun and live happily ever after....Father's! All you dads out there...happy to you!

New cabinet. Came in unexpectedly....but I love white. Looks great with all my goods from Denmark.

White pottery candle holders.

I was going to wait to put out my new Christmas book from Denmark, Jul - Jeanne d' Arc Living by Lonnie Wurtz Jensen and Vivian Christensen. I thought I'd get a little closer to Christmas time, but I had so many people asking for it... So, out it came.

these new pots look great with my burlap ribbon roles... oh, what fun

a little peak inside the book

you're going to love it... trust me. L

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