A twist on re-upholstering

I Love burlap and linen and I especially love a combination of the two. I don't have a sewing machine, nor do I have the knowledge or time to do reupholstering. However, I found this old chair and knew I could bring new life to it....somehow.
Poor Thing.
I went to the local fabric shop and bought 5 different pieces of material. Tan burlap, white burlap, flax linen, striped linen and a black damask type print. I grabbed a few funky furniture tacks and some fabric glue and then went to town. My mother said "that is not how we reupholster".... well, not everything I do is conventional. Anyway, I love how the chair turned out. I can't wait to find another so I can play some more.

I decided to drape and tie the linen covering the top and back...fun, fun, fun.

The white burlap is under the front cushion and covering the arms and the flax burlap is on the sides with the funky tacks.

a before picture with just the back finished

I used some black fabric paint for the bottom front section...you've got to be flexible with this new age upholstering. :)
Ta - Dah
Thanks for stopping....Ive got to run and try and get my gardens ready for the tour next week. I'll post some pictures as I'm preparing. L

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