first impressions

Don't forget to let the world know how you feel about your home, or in my case, my store. Adding decor to your front door, entryway or walkway makes that first impression and shouts Welcome. I don't have window boxes at home so I particularly love to get whimsical and have fun with these at the store. The items outside are also for sale so that allows me the opportunity to re-do my creations through out the season. I'll be digging out my larger shells and American flags to welcome the summer later today. Bring on the heat and the sunshine...we have had 5 days of clouds, cold (48 degrees...during the day!!), and rain. Ugh! the tarnished coffee pot and the old pop bottles

these hanging wall baskets would look lovely filled with ivy and flowers

welcome friends and guests

vintage wash tubs...a fresh find from my recent buying trip from Kansas, Missouri and Iowa.

see you all soon... my sale goes through this week ;)

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