Love the Moss!

Too early here in Minnesota to plant anything outside. BUT... the outdoors needed to have some Spring Flair for the open house.... what else is there... Moss, of course.

the moss adds that touch of green that we are all longing for after a long winter

I got these guys planted, so to speak, before the dirt re-froze....whew.

I had just enough birds to do the 3 main window boxes.
The birds were delivered, broken, for last years winter garden there they sat, all winter, broken, waiting for me to find them a purpose....and wa-la... they have found a home in the boxes. Welcoming spring and all of my guests.

thanks for stopping.
more visual love coming your way soon. L


awal.ny said...

I am loving the moss. Right now I am looking at the sun shinning wishing it was as warm as it look, only 27 here. You have wonderful ideas. Thank you for stopping by my blog, arborhouselane.

Brenda Pruitt said...

Just found you. Oh my, what gorgeous garden eye candy! That's what I love!

countrycharisma said...

Love that moss too! What a neat birdbath with the metal and moss. Will have to try your idea in mine. thanks for your inspiration.

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