rainy days and sundays

Rainy days are one thing... a rainy week is enough to drive a person crazy.
Still no sun in sight. I think I actually heard a possibility of more snow. Eek... that's Minnesota for you! But on to a happier note. March 14. Logan, my first born, turns 25 today.
Wow. As they say, time flies.
Happy Birthday Baby.

More rain! What is a person to do but grab the umbrella and the fashion~ista rain coat
and create a display.

I have a place in my heart for the vintage street signs

I found this gorgeous rain coat at a funky venue called Atelier, housed in the historic 1902 Post Office building in Buffalo, Minnesota. Teresa, the proprietor, has the cutest little shop right under her residence which is the top floor above the shop. She was just featured in the latest issue of Country Living. Too fun.

Oh my... anyway, back to me and the damn rain ....

fun new purses for spring.... rain or shine they look marvelous

I love that my new doll is green

3. 2. 1. action
Countdown to get the shop ready for the spring open house event next weekend...
I don't care if it snows we are celebrating spring.
New product ~ new pics ~ in a couple of days.
Attention Jeanne d' Arc fans.... I have got my hands on some back issues....
2009 ~ Danish print, 1. 2. 3. 4.
2009 ~English version #5
call me....


Vintage Market Place said...

despite the cold and rain, it looks like everything is blooming for you!
Looks great as always

lori miller vintage design co said...

Thanks again for your faithful kind words. You are correct tho. it is Spring inside at my Barn.

Wish you could stop in.


summersundays-jw said...

It's dismal & rainy here too. Oh what a few days of sunshine wouldn't do for the soul. Our shop is known for the vintage umbrellas hung from the ceiling -- always prepared. Wishing you a sunny open house. Jan

JB Knacker said...

Wishing you mega energy for all of the details an open house entails. Just from your blog and your beautiful displays, I can tell you are a bundle of energy...but one can always use more! Good luck and here's to a few rays of sunshine to keep your spirits high...we could sure use some here in Iowa!


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