Succulent Love

I Love Succulents.

They are everywhere at the barn and at my home. These lovelies happen to be fake...Fake... FAKE. There, I said it, they are not real but they are gorgeous. You can throw them anywhere for a splash of instant color. Instant spring. They give me a little smile every time I see there little faces.

We have had 4 sunny days reaching almost 40 degrees.

Kind of puts you in a planting mood.
Even if it's done indoors.

I can't get enough burlap and texture these days. I'm not into a lot of color right now but I am into a lot of texture.... look at these baskets.

Another shipment of french Siphon bottles have arrived.

my beloved Santos overseeing the new crop of succulents

the baskets .... choir, burlap and metal

my favorite picture

vintage coffee bean bag

the chair is sold...but the metal bucket with flowers....yummy

I must have a green thumb.... succulents growing up the chandelier. ;)

more vintage of a kind, made by my friend Renee Ellena.

Spring open house is scheduled
March 20 & 21

lots to plan
lots of fun product coming this week and next
ttfn ~ L


mitchiesmom said...

Love, Love, Love it All!!! The "basket" that your friend made is gorgemous!!! I hope to be traveling to your shop in April when I come up to visit a friend!!! Thanks for all the eye-candy!!!

Junk Girl said...

LOVE the succulents too - fake or not! Actually, a girl could put the fake ones in ANYTHING!

The barn looks great as usual! Hopefully spring is around the corner, huh? Dang! They are forecasting SNOW for us this weekend. What's up with that?

Take care, Andrea

Uncovered Ruby said...

Really like the blog and your shop looks fabulous! My husband's family all lives in Mn., when we go back to visit, I'm going to look you up! I'll send my relatives your way in the meantime! Lisa :-)

Artsy Fartsy Junkin Finds said...

Just loving it beyond words! Hugs, Janna

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