vogue ~ the look

They're here. They're back. They're in.

I designed them and had them printed for my Vogue theme
for 2010 junk bonanza

Round one sold out so quickly that I ordered round two

love them

long sleeve thermal
S. M. L. XL
I am adding a revision.... we ship / to order call the shop 763.427.5321
Peace. Love. Vogue.
~ Lori


Rachel Noelle Pallas said...

So cute!!! ;)Rachel

Heaven's Walk said...

Oh my......gotta go order one!! Luv them!

xoxo laurie

Heaven's Walk said...

Hey Lori - where do I go to order one? I'd love one in size Large. Are they black or dark charcoal colored? Would you let me know?

xoxo laurie

The Whistle Stop said...

Love them!!! I may have to order one too! Are you doing mail orders?

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