Harvest moon

Last week I thought the cool Autumn weather was here to stay, but we have been experiencing the best Indian summer, as they say in these parts, EVER!!
warm. dry. nice breeze. leaves changing and falling.
Normally we are sweaters and scarves by now ... sometimes we are even wearing the snow boots... but I've seen a re-surge of shorts and flip flops.

I promised pictures of Autumn and much more... this area is going to be our Fall - Thanksgiving room. As I tear the store apart and revamp for Christmas this area will remain into November.

Fun colors this year... real earthy and neutral

love this shot

more great tin that I found in my travels

look at my sweet acorn Turkeys
They will make fantastic place card settings... a little name tag on their backside
and waa-la

I hope you enjoyed today's post
I am off to the hospital and then to the Barn...
24 days until the Christmas premiere


Amy Kinser said...

Totally in love with all of your stuff. Your pictures just make my heart skip a little beat.

Rachel Noelle Pallas said...

Wow Lori!!! Amazing treasures...

lori miller vintage design co said...

you two are so sweet

Heaven's Walk said...

You have the best eye, Lori! The treasures you bring back to the shop, the way you display and photograph them.....just perfection!

xoxo laurie

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