Gold Collection

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I have never done gold for the holidays.

This is my first Gold collection. I love it.
It looks so rich with all my warm off white... and of course the printed page of a vintage book really pops with the rich metal of gold.
It is cold here. 38 degrees and Windy 60 - 70 mph gusts.
Not the best days to be out shopping, but I am getting a lot done at the shop in preparation for the Christmas premiere... 10 days and counting!

Before I brought out the tree I did paper shingles on my awning over the window.

Love it

Love it

Love it. Love it. Love it.
Love the crowns

the shingles make me smile

Good Tidings Santos

so fun.

Upcoming Events

Christmas premiere Nov. 06 - 07

Holiday Open house Nov. 20 -21

Holiday Home Tour Dec. 04

See you soon. The Vogue shirts are selling like hot cakes!


karen said...

Love the crowns pictured....How much?
I noticed you ship. I am very interested.

time worn interiors said...

your shop is amazing no matter what color you use! I also love the book page shingles! Great idea!

Fabulously French said...

Wow, love the tree! It looks fabulous, I am planning on decorating mine for my wee shop at the weekend - what fun!

Leeann x

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