Sweet Sunshine

Good Morning.

I decided to post these photos because they are bright and sunny and mischievous AND good.
I, on the other hand, I am SICK.
AND I am sick of being SICK !

So, on my 7th day of illness, I need these bright, beautiful, sun filled photos to make me feel good.  Actually, this morning when I got in the shower I felt a little better... a twinge of hope....maybe this is coming to an end.... thank God for antibiotics, Advil and cold medicine.... AND husbands who are good caregivers.
Before I tore this vignette apart so we could actually eat Christmas dinner, I had the opportunity to capture some photos when the sun hit the table just right.

They are making me feel warm and fuzzy already.
But wait till you see the beautiful cherubs....

I told you....

Isn't it funny how the light changes the photo completely.

I'll wait until the end of the Year for the giveaway drawing and let everyone know who wins the miniature cherub and silver.

Barn News:

We will be open New Years day.
Christmas merchandise is 50% off ~ it's going fast!
Some goodies are marked down and they are half off of that!  Does it get any better!

If anyone else is sick this week, I hope these photos brighten your day :-)


Lanette of Cottage Elements said...

Oh, no! Bummer! Here's hoping you feel better soon and start the New Year off on a good note! I'll be off to the Barn tomorrow to check out the sale. Hope there's something left!


Sara said...


Great photography! Everything is always so beautiful! You have such a talent. I am always checking out your blog. So inspiring!

Happy New Year! Hope to see you soon.


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