please serve yourself

Monday. Monday.

I think I told you earlier that I had fallen in love with, and ordered some new dishes for the barn.  Colored dishes... not my usual white on white. 

Browns and Blues and Terracotta and rich Tan.... LoVe

they are pure heaven... colors of Fall

I need some of these bowls at my house right now.
Mine are so out-dated... my son moves out soon... I can't wait to pass on all of my old treasures in the cupboard and get some fun new stuff.

of course, I found some white I couldn't live without


this burnt orange.... terracotta is hard to resist

I hope you all are safe and sound after a weekend of severe storms, hurricanes and tornadoes.   

I, for one, can not believe that August is coming to an end...

more to come...


Lori @ Katies Rose Cottage Designs said...

Those are beautiful and
so very fallish :)

Vintage Market Place said...

perfect for fall dinners
I can just see a backyard with the leaves falling soup being poured into bowls around a flickering fire.
Oh, I can't wait for fall.
BYE BYE hot horrible summer hello crisp beautiful Autumn

cheryl z said...

Love the old books on canvas and am very interested in them. What is the price?? The vintage jewelry is fab. Leave me a msg at

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