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A new Year for the ever popular Jeanne d'Arc Living magazine.

* without advertisements
* wonderful heavy paper
* inspiration - Inspiration - InSpiRation

Love this look.... for jewelry display perhaps...

fun recipes

interiors with that great French - Nordic design

don't you love a good mannequin in the room... love the presence of the ladies

numbers are still hot. Hot. HOT.

I saved this one for last.
My personal favorite.

mirrors, statuary and the head.

I have a good collection going myself.
I am a sucker for the vintage head form...

this one I am coveting....

We have had the strangest week here in Minnesota. It has been warm, cloudy and raining... for days it has been raining... for us, this is unheard of.  We don't get rain in Minnesota in December... we don't abandon our Uggs and down jackets and layers upon layers of clothing.  Maybe in March but not in December... It actually is kind of nice Christmas shopping with just a sweater and scarf. 

I know this will change and we will be buried in snow soon, but for now no shoveling for this chick.

Barn News:

We have had a great Holiday Season at the Barn !!

I want to thank everyone who has supported our little local boutique AND I want to offer a

Starting This weekend... Oh my... Tomorrow December 16 th

All Barn Christmas 20% off
Friday - Sunday
~ if you have had your eye on something special... come now 

All Barn Christmas 30% off
Monday - Friday
~ if you don't want to risk it being gone after Christmas.... come now

After Christmas 50% off
~ if you love a bargain and want to dig.... come now

Tell your friends !
Oh and the new Vogue thermal tees are being delivered by Friday !
New colors !

~ L

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Sandi~A Cottage Muse said...

JDL is always inspiring!
Merry Christmas to you ~ looking forward to all you will be sharing next year!

Layer it on. Change it up.

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