apple orchard

Besides pumpkins and cinnamon and acorns and leaves...
... the FALL APPLES !!!!

Love to vignette with the apples.

Apple spice candles...Holy Cow!
Delish !! 

It is supposed to be cold and snowy the next few days.
SNOW!  No Good!
...maybe everyone will want to shop....
at the Pottin' Company!! That's Good!!

I have decided to do an Oktoberfest Sale
Similar to that of our March Madness Event...

Every Friday in October.
Come with a friend and you both get 10% off of your purchases.
Bring in 2 friends and you all receive 20% off.
3 or more friends and you all get 30% off total purchases.

mention facebook, email or blog

Every Friday ....How Fun is that!!!

children do not qualify as friends
homemade artisan items and new Christmas items are exempt

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