Not work at all....

A new week has begun.
As I am in my own little world, the Barn, with cobwebs-pumpkins-Christmas all going on at once. The East coast is in big turmoil.  Hopefully, the storm will blow through faster then they think and everyone will get power back and stay safe.

Me, I am deconstructing Fall and Halloween vignettes at record speed.
Thank goodness we don't have a ton of product left and that I don't consider this work at all....
Halloween once filled two whole areas, from ceiling on down and into the kitchen area, now just 2 table tops.

Come and get it!! 
Tomorrow it will be gone - Early.

I have already started getting the guts of this area in place.
Sorry for the quality of the picture.
I wanted to get a couple shots before the product came out but my battery was Ka-put.
My camera was as tired as I was yesterday.

When you realize that you are all of a sudden tired, starving...thirsty AND your feet are killing, can not walk another step...killing you.
It is time to go home!!

...yeah, and the editing piece is haywire too.... ?

You will see these all over the place.
BUT only for 3 more days.
By Friday....which is a huge day for us we will be ready.

Everyone needs a sparkle bar for the Holidays.

The horse carriage "the buggy"
our mascot for the Barn.
Is getting all gussied up.

Today, I finish the kitchen area, with reds and grays and whites.... a Swedish, French, Nordic kind of Flair. 

 I will then finish deconstructing the front Entry ..... haul out the big trees....and start propping that area. A big mess for may need a hard-hat when you enter.

Then it is the pink and gray fu-fu Christmas in the Vogue Boutigue zone.

Halloween GONE.
Main room propped.

Outside the Barn cleaned up and staged.

Product out on the sales floor....
by now I am onto Thursday evening.... the wine is coming out...
Friday finish up....more wine....Saturday we will be ready!!

Off and running...
emails to answer
online shop to update
orders to process
shower office
then Barn by 9 am.


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Faded Charm said...

Everything looks great so far and can't wait to see more:-)


Layer it on. Change it up.

Time for a refresh. Have you ever looked at an area in your house and thought I am done looking at that mess.   Or maybe it's just time...