weeds and sticks and extras

Hello. Hello. Hello.
It is almost Friday, which means another week has absolutely flown by.
October 18th....another month is almost gone.
Holy Moly as they say.

Grab a cup of coffee...

I wanted to share this one last post with you featuring my Fall weeds and sticks.

.... and copper.

terracotta pumpkins

the paper print flowers have been a great hit this fall.

I look forward to working them in with my pine for the winter season too.

love my crates of pots

My last shout out for Fall.
Most of you have filled your home with all the Fall colors and Halloween spooks for the kids, but some are looking for those end-of-season deals.

Need I say more....
tomorrow we start our Big Halloween sale at the Barn and I jump on that band wagon with Fall merchandise too.  Just in case you need some last minute table scape items for your Thanksgiving table.
50 % off Halloween
50 % Fall
weeds, sticks, pumpkins, candles, potpourri etc. etc.

And now the show must go on.
Here is where you need to go get your second cup of coffee...
 a little Christmas sneak peek.

I start in the back of the Barn.
Clearing out all of the Fall vignettes.... moving pumpkins and floral and candles....see why it is now on sale...I am tired of moving and re-vignetting.

Anyway....I start in the back and I start early because it takes me forever to clear and re-prop and then haul out product.

So far 5 no 6 Vignettes have been started.
More product will be added as I dig through the boxes of clutter I call storage.

Here is a tiny peek...you can see more if you visit out facebook page.

the pearl trees sold out immediately last year and I could not get my hands on any more.... so this year I offer them to you again.  Also, I have gone crazy with paper this year... paper ball ornaments instead of the heavy glass ornaments, paper garland and MANY different paper trees....

something for the wall...
Santa with sack of toys
Santa with elf
$28.95 each

shown here black / white with red words and accents
also available
black / white
black / white with green accents

and if you like this look disc ornaments
great for the tree and package toppers

3 different styles available

the Farmhouse Christmas area


Vintage wood chicken crates filled with red geraniums, pine trees in metal buckets, birds and pigs and chickens, white stoneware....

love the French wallpaper birds...

another fun area.... felted wool and linen ribbon and angels and Santos.... and on and on....

I love when things sell early
....I have so much fun product this year.... I can sell Christmas for 3 months straight.... By the way there are only 16 days until my Christmas premiere....36 days until Thanksgiving..... which means only 45 days until our Holiday Home Tour.
AND then we are full blown December!!!

I have one last picture to show you.
We all covet the Vintage Dress Form and if you follow my blog, you know I have an obsession .... big time !! 

You have seen them for sale at my shows and you have seen them at the Barn with the dreaded NFS tag on them (not for sale... for those of you ) but there is always that one special one that makes it home.

This lovely lady was unloaded and placed temporarily in the garage next to my car until I arrived home that night from the Barn.  I almost flipped when I opened the door and pulled in to see that my husband decided to use her to hang his leaf blowing bag on.... Good Lord. No. No. No.

See you soon.

~ Lori


roadtrip*treasures said...

What is the date for the Holiday tour?

lori miller vintage design co said...

The home tour this year is Saturday, December 1

3 homes. $10 admission. Call to reserve your spot.

12pm - 4 pm

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