door display piece

Morning. Morning. Morning.

It finally stopped snowing.

I think we got between 10"-12" total.
I'm so excited about my new find...
I recently bought this funky vintage door with the shelves pre-mounted

instant display...Love it.

I put it right inside the front door so you see everything as soon as you enter the Barn

Right now I am short on display pieces of any kind... furniture is at a premium at the Barn.

It is so nice to have 4 large shelves to work with.  
 I could go out and find some fun furniture but I am without a truck to haul anything at the moment... if you know anyone who delivers.... call me up.

Private Edens ... Fabulous Garden Book... just in

love my dog books

look at this cute guy

boxed set of cards

Lavender and Rose boxed potpourri from France.
smells Fab-U-lous.
More boxes today... I am expecting a large shipment of more books and they finally arrived.
12" of snow doesn't stop the FedEx guy.

Gotta run.

Lori - RBPCo.

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