Easter Blessings

I came across this picture of the little rabbit, draped in grasses, next to the sign "blessings".

How fitting for Easter.

Happy blessed Easter to everyone.

The Jeanne d'Arc 4th issue / April has arrived.
Unfortunately, I had one whole box that arrived damaged.

They, of course, are in Denmark and they close down for Easter Holiday....
which means I can not even contact them until mid week.

All pre-sold issues have been sent or held so stay tuned...it is a great issue.
I will be getting more.

It features Bathrooms and spring homes.

As I said, it is a fabulous issue....Again!!

On another note.
We are surrounded by snow...still.
although it is melting....I don't mean to be a big bummer, but enough is enough....
we have had sunshine, which warms my heart...we must be patient

I needed some real SPRING so I went to the garden center ...BIG SMILE...
I had to pick up some real live greens for the Barn.
I put it off because the weather has been so bad, but we can wait no longer!!!
we need flowers...
take a peek at what I saw on my trip..

me - oh- my

be still my heart...

Fabulous!!! I went back today and grabbed as much as would fit in Mr Miller's rig.

The Barn is looking Fabulous!!

Closed Easter day, but we are open everyday next week.

I can't wait to show you the fun new books that arrived.
next post...and I will be updating the online shop.
limited quantities.

Lori - RBPCo.

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Martha at Authentica said...

Happy Easter Lori!
Gorgeous shots as always!
Many Blessings to you and yours!
Martha - Authentica Classics!

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