Hello. Hello.
We just finished with our Holiday open house.... or, I should say, we are two days into it and almost finished with the holiday open house.

Uff-da !!

This year, I have decided I am not doing any RE- ORDERS and it is killing me.
As things start to already sell out, I am starting to have anxiety...
what if I don't get what I want....

the angel wings are very popular....
along with the bird cages

the french script flowers with buttons and glitter... Fabulous
they come three to a stem... so fun
I must get some
add it to the list

N O E L 
comes in a set...oh, I don't remember if we have any left...

I slipped a bunch of post cards in the tree...

Signing out for now... another crazy day ahead.

Plan your day to visit now so you have everything ready for Thanksgiving.


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