Tour the Barn ~ no. 3

I love vintage instruments... especially at Christmas.
They look so good with pine and pearls... all nostalgic. 

A fun winter garden mix...

behind this small tree is the lavender and soaps from France
.... smells so good !!!
great gifts for sure.

candles in a jar, a tin and sachets
Great gifts !!

you can't forget about our four legged friends
books, bowls, toys, stuffed... so fun !!

more Lovely deer and birds...

I throw in a touch of Denmark...
love this whimsical line

at the Barn, over the years, I have learned that my people love words and numbers... I bring in a ton of signs and ornaments to please...
peace, joy, believe, noel, merry and bright
all sizes and shapes

Love this metal candy cane sign

You are 3/4 of the way around the Barn....
you are just entering the Vogue Boutique.

The Vogue Boutique
it is all about us !!
Scarves, jewels, handbags AND my favorite
finger less mitts.
we have tons right now....all different colors
$15 - $ 34 
come find a pair or two that you can't live without.
I wear them everyday... every where.

I told you...
the Vogue Boutique is fabulous !!

There you go ...can you believe how big this place is !!!
The Vogue Boutique finishes up the tour and brings you back to the front door and the check out counter.  I hope you enjoyed your round-about through my Barn.  I will try to keep up on vignettes and product over the next few weeks on the blog and Facebook.

I cannot believe it is the Holiday season all ready.


Lori - RBPCo.

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