April 17

I am so excited to show you my new line of goods. Black and white. Aged wicker. Metal. Pearls. White pitchers. Love. Love. Love. I shipped a portion of the collection to South Carolina, but I have enough left to share. Enjoy. I can't stand how lovely everything is... I know you are going to want one of each.

It is all so fresh and clean.

I am so ready for a garden party.

thanks for stopping by, L.


Elizabeth Maxson said...

I love the black and white too! I especially love that huge sign with the large lettering in the back - the twig-wrapped bottles are especially great! thanks for sharing and for visiting my blog - what a treat to visit yours!

Take care,

the wild raspberry said...

i do want one of everything...i do i

lori miller vintage design co said...

The B&W sign in the background is a 36x36 canvas - local artist- fabulous!! They retail for $189. Thanks for visiting.

lori miller vintage design co said...

Wild R,
thanks for stopping, I checked out your blog...very talented group you have there...love your stuff.

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