Garden market ~ hello sunshine ~ part 1

hello sunshine... or maybe I should say, hello rain clouds. Every spring I try to put together a few garden markets, in other words, a sale. This weekend was the first of many and of course it rained. Which can be good and bad. Some of us love to get out and shop and then go home with our goodies, all inspired, and then we play and recreate our space. Then again, some use a rainy day to lounge on the couch with a good book, a cup of coffee and a box of girl scout cookies. I am thinking with the amount of people who came in that the couch won out. For those of you who did come in and took advantage of the sale, you seemed to have a great time. We also had coffee and cookies here at the shop to enjoy on our fabulous rainy afternoon. Thanks for all the Kudos and the oohs and aahs...and thanks to my great staff for helping me pull this off. I'll share a few photos and then more again in a later post.

what would we do without the moss this spring...moss rocks, moss sheets, moss

new...well old, industrial cart. Too fun

...not quite finished, this vignette needs something???
okay, now its perfect, just a little touch of blue. Some flower tops and a couple of vintage bottles

another cart... yep, I scored two of them.

thanks for stopping. L

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