A glimpse of Halloween

Just a glimpse. A tease.

I tried really hard to get all of my Halloween goods out and ghoulish before I left for Junk Bonanza. I had not had a chance to actually look at things and enjoy them until now. I thought I better get some photos before all the product is gone.

I was leaving one night and as I turned and looked back this is what I saw. The light coming in was perfect, so I grabbed the camera and started shooting.

I will get more pictures done ASAP and with the lights on so you can actually see....


Tammy said...

Perfect Halloween Pics...great items.I see several things I LOVE!!
Tammy :-)

Rachel Noelle Pallas said...

~*~*Oh such fun Halloween decor!thanks for sharing~* :)Rachel

Anonymous said...

Great pics, Lori! Very spooky and fun! I hope I'm still on your list for the Jeanne d'Arc mag. :) Do you still have the ordering information?
Have a great week!
~ Jo :)

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