Junk Bonanza ~ part 2

I am still not recovered. I guess doing a 12 hour day in surgery yesterday doesn't help.
I told Mr. Miller the garage would be empty by Sunday but with the customers at the store and the orders that need to get shipped.... oh boy, I guess I didn't specify which Sunday
Anyway, back to Bonanza.
my moss chandelier made the trip down with me.
The table top decor came to me the night before we loaded. That took some stress off of me because I knew what I had for product but not a clue how I was going to lay it out... it might look like a mess to you but it came to me in a vision.

bark and sticks and logs and plates and glassware and moss...

mug rack that I copied from my own kitchen.... LOVE
vintage bottle crate from England and some curtain hooks...
did I say LOVE

my booth wasn't about Fall, but I whipped up some pumpkin canvases on Saturday before the show.... a representation of product I have at the Barn.

I designed the walls and my handy friend Todd whipped them up for me.
This side was to showcase my new line of greeting cards. The wall was to look like an old pallet on this side and the shipping crate on the other. I sold a ton of cards individually and took a ton of wholesale orders.

backside of the pallet wall.

Andrea, AKA Junk Girl of Junk Fest stopped to say hi. Where are the other Junk Fest girls... somewhere here treasure hunting

thermal shirts I designed for this event
I will have to reorder for the store... big seller

Zinc sink potting table - Europe
This one was hard to give up, it resided at my house all summer

I heard on women say, "now we have found the area with the designers"
I didn't catch your name but I have to say "Thank you" the comment made my day.

Fall vases - many more available at the store

Meet Lucky.
He was promoting Lucky Friday.... give away day. We donated a $50 gift certificate.
We heard squealing across Bonanza when our name was announced

I have to save room to say THANK YOU to my friends Christine and Lori who helped get me through the 4 days of madness.
The girls are from Houghton, Michigan. They found my blog and drove down to shop the Barn a couple of years ago. They day they came we were closed, however, when I heard they drove down from Michigan I let them in to take a peek and 3.5 hours later they packed the van with treasures and new friendships were formed. We have met for dinner and margaritas many times since and now they have started an occasional shop Re-Treat Design
Houghton, MI

We had so much FUN

At the end of the show this is what you saw.... thank God.
It made packing up a lot easier.


trash talk said...

Designer...I'd say so! I love your look and the tees were a brilliant idea.

Rachel Noelle Pallas said...

WOW Lori!! Your booth looked amazing!! I wish I could have been there..you have an amazing designers eye~* Rachel

kathi @ traybella said...

just found your blog by jumping around tonight. would LOVE...err uh, mean I NEED one of those t'shirts. please email me when you have them in again. size L please.
kathi @ traybellakc.blogspot.com

lori miller vintage design co said...

The vogue Tees are Fabulous!

Thermal long sleeve. $38

L, XL Available

Yes, when I catch my breath I am reordering in both black and grey

Katie Ketelsen said...

Your booth was FANtastic! LOVED it! I managed to snag a couple green flower frogs I'd been dying to get.

Didn't, however, see the mugs displayed in the crate thingy. I really like that idea...might have to make my own concoction.

Glad to see you at Junk Bonanza!
thanks for the goodies~Katie

Heaven's Walk said...

Oh my gosh, Lori ---- what a fantastic booth you had! Would'ave given anything to have been there! Total eye candy, girl..... :) Oh, and LUV those T's!!!

xoxo laurie@heavens-walk

help writing college essay said...

you called it a MUSEUM?? this tons of crap?? LOL))) no way

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