Junk Bonanza 2010 ~ Vogue

My theme for Junk Bonanza.
Not that you had to have a theme, but I needed something to kind of run with when I was planning and buying so I could put on a show.

OK. I promised you pictures.

I thought I would be able to post before now.... but man the work involved. I swear I had 3 hours of sleep a night....and it started for me on Tuesday.

We, Mr. Miller, Daniel-son and myself, started loading the truck....17 ft U-Haul
on Tuesday evening after everyone finished a long days work. We didn't finish until way after dark, in fact, hours of loading, rearranging and lots of *#&^'s from you know who...
We finally finished and the truck wouldn't start!!!!
Yeah, no juice.
All I could think of was what if they told me I needed to get a different truck "(
A half hour later and a jump from a really big tow truck and we were on our way home for the night and the morning adventure....

Unloading at Canterbury was a different story. After a calm drive down and lots of coffee we were ready... see how happy Daniel is. Mr Miller, not a Sherpa, still not so happy... omitted his picture.

My friend Lori setting up my wall for the greeting cards for me.
Lori and Christine drove all the way from upper Michigan to help me at the booth, to play and of course to shop...more about the fabulous duo later

oh boy the mess I had going

Well here she is!
Packing crate walls, my ladies, birch, packing paper
and my fav Pearls AND Books

Many many stopped to photograph, oh and ah and say hi.
I gave out 1000's of cards and directions to the Barn over and over again.
I told you I wanted to put on a show...

The couch carcass with the mantel and chair turned out exactly how I envisioned it

love my foxy

I could have sold the grain scoops by the 100's unfortunately, I only had 3 chains

I came down with 7 of my ladies and went home with only 3
I will miss them

the burlap lamp shades were a big hit.... many shop owners asked if I could do them wholesale for their shops... It about killed me to get the 12 done for the show

long live vintage

Most didn't get my mix of bones and pearls
I loved it

these fab posts did not sell... they will be back at the store

my Vogue and Paris canvases were a big hit

I did up some trinkets before the show
they sold like crazy... everyone loves numbers

the burlap numbered bags were also a big hit

my friend Todd built the walls I designed for the show
LOVE them

my wallpaper made a good back drop


here is a hint for the start of part 2
exhausted but so worth it!
everything we brought home is now parked in my garage...
it'll be another long week ahead ~ L


trash talk said...

Fab U Lous! What a wonderful booth...y'alls hard work shows. I'm digging the pith helmets.

Joanne said...

Ooooh Lori...what a fabulous job you did! You have such a great eye for the unique and inspirational!! So wish I could have made it!

lori miller vintage design co said...

Debbie and Joanne - Thank you. I met a ton of bloggers at the show. A total blast. Wish you could have been there.

Amy Kinser said...

What an amazing look you had going on there. Just awesome!!

RustyClover said...

you have done it again!!!You are amazing. cant wait to see it all in person!!! (someday,somehow...)

lori miller vintage design co said...

So sweet faith
There is so much going on at Bonanza that the guests had a dazed look on their faces...where to start...what direction to go...what to buy..!!!

I tried to get something going that would attract them "oh, lets go look at that space" My goal was to get them to come to the Barn and get them talking about the Barn

lori miller vintage design co said...

if you are going to make a road trip....the first part of Novemeber it is spectacular. I had guests drive down from the UP / Michigan and the four of them shopped for 3 hours AFTER closing!! It was a blast. So much to see

Taylor said...

The booth looked amazing, it was my personal favorite. I will be posting pics soon too!

lori miller vintage design co said...

Aaaah it is so fun to hear that!! It was so much work BUT so much fun

Laura @ 52 FLEA said...

Your hard work resulted in a fabulous booth! Wow....so wish I could have been there to see it all up close and personal! :)

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