architectural dream come true

Happy Valentine's day
I should be doing a post on St Valentine; however, I really don't have anything prepared.
SO I am sending an Architectural Angel your way. 
To spread some architectural LOVE.

when I found all of these pieces together AND for sale I about wet my pants!!

these old wooden molds are too die for...
they don't look to shabby in my display either...
on the wall, on the table and in the book case

The clocks you see on the wall are those funky stick on / peel and remove.... I know they are kind of cheesy but sometimes a girl has to improvise.  Clock faces, in assorted sizes, are hard to come by and these can be placed around separately or grouped.  For a measly $38 why not give em a try...

... but the molds = )

made in USA

love this one on the bar table or the wine cart

besides the small ones this is my Fav


love love love

... didn't I tell you the Architectural Angel had come by

Happy Valentine's Day to all
enjoy - eat chocolate
drink wine
kiss your husband / partner
kiss your children
.... hell ...  kiss everybody


Christine said...

LOVE the molds!!! Sending hugs and kisses to you for SVD!

lori miller vintage design co said...

YOU and ME both sista!

See you soon. ~L

Ido said...

Happy Valentine's Day Lori!
Those molds are great, and the peel and stick clock faces are not cheesy, I like them, you can do a lot of projects with them.
Lots of hugs and kisses!

Anonymous said...

You are DEFINATELY gad for my wallet!

The GLOVER molds....what were they used for? And where in the US did they come from?

The reason: my ancestors made GLOVES in NYState in the mid-1800's. I'm just curious to know if they are somehow related?

Lovely display. I need to move to your state. It'll save me shipping costs!


trash talk said...

I'm glad I was wearing my Depends before I opened this post or I would be joining you in the wet britches brigade (sometimes it pays to be old)!
These are the best collection I've seen in a long, long time. I can't believe your good fortune to find them. Hey...can you pick me out some lottery numbers? You sure are a lucky lady!

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